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Academic Co-ordinator (Native English Speaker)

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Job Description

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  • An academic coordinator typically has a wide range of responsibilities, which can include:  Organisation of allocating academic searching for team members

  • Ensuring academic record searching is updated

  • Ensuring academic team update their record information

  • Informing client team when academics are found

  • Doing pre-meetings with academics to prepare them for the client situation

  • Ensuring contracts are finalised for academics (Academic Director can help here)

  • Communicating with HR to make timesheets for new academics

  • Receive academic requests from client team and liaise with them

  • Conduct and allocate interviews

  • Academic guiding consulting with clients

  • Create tables on Excel which tracks how well people do to find academics (e.g., how many academics found by person, by subject, average days to find academics, success rate. Display these by person and by team on average.)

  • Coordinate with Academic Director to manage the team

  • Train new academic team

  • Use software like Notion to track completed tasks and goals

  • Be aware of all client cases and how academics are performing. Be able to report on current active cases and which academics are dealing with them, and how they are doing (from academic perspective, not client perspective)

  • Create system for rating the performance of tutor

  • Dealing with issues presented in the academic team (e.g., dealing with cases with are time-sensitive)


You will need to have:

  • Must be native English speaker

  • Education: Masters (2.1 or above) in any subject from top 50 universities (QS 2023)

  • Time management and organisational skills

  • Teamwork skills

  • Problem solving skills

  • Demonstrated skills with standard computer software packages and/or basic data management software



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