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Digital Marketer (Mandarin required)

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Job Description

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We are looking for a passionate and enthusiastic individual. Have a friendly and
approachable character. Enjoy working as part of a small staff team. Driven to help the
team achieve their targets. Flexibility to excel in different roles across a diverse
Digital marketing involves the promotion of products and services through a variety of
digital channels using the internet and mobile technology. Push and pull marketing
techniques are applied, targeting consumers directly and indirectly.

As a digital marketer, you will need to:

  • Write and dispatch email and social media marketing campaigns

  • Provide accurate reports and analysis to clients and company management to demonstrate effective return on investment (ROI)

  • Research new online media opportunities that may benefit the business including mobile, social media, development of blogs and forums

  • Develop and execute strategies for social media, mainly RedBook, WeChat, LinkedIn,and Instagram

  • Communicate with clients, affiliate networks and affiliate partners 

  • Conduct market and keyword research

  • Contribute to social media engagement and brand awareness campaigns

  • Communicate and collaborate effectively with different departments and potential business partners for marketing materials and new service development;

  • Contribute to company and industry blogs and manage e-communications

  • Independently conduct market/product analysis and User Persona with valuable insights for future marketing campaigns

  • Produce contents and monitor key engagement indicator for email marketing and event campaign on Facebook

  • Manage and analyze KPI and service feedback on regularly basis with next-step actions


You will need to have:

● Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or a related field
● Proficient in copywriting, WeChat group management, email marketing, reel production with successful lead conversion;
● Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and Mandarin
● Strong understanding of the Chinese consumer market and higher-education business.
● The capacity to prioritise and work across multiple projects
● Ability to work independently as leader of the project and share responsibility as a team.
● Organisational skills with the ability to deliver a high volume of quality work
● Creative skills for contributing new and innovative ideas
● Self-motivator to integrate latest market news and technology into daily job content.
● Familiar with marketing/coworking tools such as Notion, AIGC, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Facebook group


  Please refer to the 'Skills' section.


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