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Personalised English Classes

 Strengthen the academic rigour of your work and receive suggestions on improving your language.

Personalised Classes

Tailored classes to suit your English level and learning needs

Experienced Teachers

Our teachers have years of experience successfully teaching English to non-native speakers.

Free Personalised Report

Book a free session with a tutor to discuss your English speaking needs. At the end, even if you do not join the course, you will be given a report on your learning needs.

Affordable Prices

High quality classes at a fair and reasonable price. 

Why our English courses are different?

We assess your English speaking level and design a course that fits your needs.

Improve quickly

By identifying and attacking your weaknesses, you can progress faster.

Focused learning

We don’t give you generic courses. We design a special course customised to your specific English learning goals.

Engaging style

We ensure that you enjoy the activities in class, so that learning can be fun and effective.

Learn more

Choose your goals

Making Friends

Socialising in English with international friends

Study Abroad

To improve university life in an English-speaking country


Confidence to speak English in professional settings


To access English language media and entertainment

Field Specific

To become familiar with the specialised language used in your field


 To take English speaking or language exams (Click: IELTS, A1-C2 Exam, TOEFL, SAT (English component)




Speaking to the tutor about your areas of interest: your favourite foods, holidays, sports.

Audio & Video Clips

Listening to clips in English from your subject area and working out the meaning.


Perform a 2-person drama scene with your tutor to teach you to speak in a natural way 

Grammar Games

Fun and engaging activities to improve your grammar


Regular quizzes on new words that you learn in class


Learning to deliver talks with the natural stresses, intonation and rhythm.

Email Writing

Learn to structure an email or message to your English-speaking friends or teachers and improve your written communication


Choose the accent

British English

American English

You can choose the version of English you would like to learn, depending on your preferences. We will work on your accent, spelling, and idioms and phrases to help you speak like a local.

UK vs US

Your preferred speed

The teacher will adjust their speaking speed to the level you prefer to maximise your learning. 





Finalise your Profile


Make your rhythms of speech sound like a native speaker’s.


Record the progress of your vocabulary using flashcards.


Learn to effectively structure letters, paragraphs and essays to improve your writing.


Pronounce words better by working on individual sounds and sound clusters that you struggle with.

Speaking Practice

Choose an interesting topic and have a real conversation with your tutor. We will create a relaxed environment to practice and give useful feedback.


Practice with a variety of listening material, such as audio and video clips, to improve your comprehension speed and accuracy. 


Improve your spoken (and written) grammar.

customer revew
MSc Research Methods in Psychology, Southampton University
university of london.png
I used the applications feedback. I had a tight deadline and needed to submit my CV and personal statement in 24 hours. They took my order, assigned an expert in my field and completed it in the promised time. I then asked for revisions and got the revisions on time. The team were nice and I was happy with their service. At the end I got accepted to KCL for a Master's so I was really happy and I think it was largely thanks to the support of AcademiaOne. I would recommend them to a friend.
MA in History at UCL, 2018-2019
university of london.png
I received application consultation service by Academia One for my Dphil History application, and I am very satisfied with the quality of service. Firstly, I was surprised that a PhD researcher in History was assigned to me, as History is not very common a major relatively, and similar services I received previously from other providers did not include such degree of specialisation. Perhaps because of this, I benefited immensely from the detailed advice to my research proposal. Moreover, flexible means of communication enabled me to book appointments conveniently and my questions were answered promptly. I woild say Academia One has made a difference from my experience.
BSc in Computer Science
university of london.png
I used their service to get proofreading for my website. The team was professional, friendly and quick. I got my work back in less than a day and I could see they put effort into it. I did ask for a few revisions and they gave them at no extra price. Happy to recommend them to anyone that needs language checked and whose native language is not English.

PhD academics for the class


Alan Runcieman

Alan holds a PhD in linguistics from the University of London, in the field of interpreting and language acquisition. He has taught English at all levels for over 25 years in higher education, preparing students for Cambridge and TESOL certification when required. He is also highly skilled in English phonetics and phonology.


Anirudh Sridhar

Anirudh Sridhar has a DPhil in English from the University of Oxford. He has taught English language, grammar, and speaking to native and non-native speakers for 5 years, and has a TEFL certificate to teach English as a foreign language. He is also a Cambridge University certified speaking examiner.



Kane has taught ESL for three years and assessed Cambridge Esol Examinations. Before joining the University of Edinburgh, he read for an LL.B. (Hons) in English and French Law and German Language and an MA in Business and Financial Markets Law at Faculté Jean Monnet– Paris-Saclay University. He was also awarded a Certificate in Common Law by the University of London Institute in Paris.



Minhui did her BA in English Language and Literature at Tsinghua University, China, after which she pursued a MPhil in Education at Cambridge University. She is now a doctoral student from Department of Education, University of Oxford, researching students’ vocabulary learning and strategy use. Her research interests lie in Second Language Acquisition (SLA) and education, especially on exploring what can lead to language learning success. She holds a CELTA certificate and has over four years’ experience of part-time teaching English to students from different age groups, especially on academic English use.


Become a Fluent Speaker of English

Join us today, and gain the English language skills you need!

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