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Research Project 

Research Project Team Report

Research project 2
Investigating Chinese International Students’ Academic Procrastination...
Research Programme Report

Research Project

Brainstorm innovative research topics 

6-week practical phd research project experience with academic experts

PHD Research topic examples:

What are the changes in the consumption behaviour of university students in the post-epidemic era? 

How does COVID-19 affect university students on the psychological level?

How do young generations self-manage their mental health wellbeing?

What is the future of sustainable development?

Work on groundbreaking research literature
Design professional research method
Conduct rigorous data analysis
Complete research report as a group
behavioral economy.jpeg

Economics Behaviour




Culture Diversity

cognitive psychology.jpeg

Cognitive Psychology

Research Skills
Gain valuable research experience from our academic experts

What we offer

Recommendation Letter
Expand your network with people who have common interests, who are academic experts or business professionals
The opportunity to publish your research paper on AcademiaOne official website
Official certificate upon completion of the research project
The CEO of AcademiaOne will write recommendation letters for participants who complete the research project

Project Timeline

Due to the pandemic, all research & psychology projects only have online sessions for now. Please sign up on our website for future updates.
Week 1
1. Project brief and research topic introduction
2. Decide on a research topic as a team
Week 4
1. Data analysis
2. Research paper abstract
Week 2
1. Research method design
2. Data collection design and strategy
3. Decide research participants
4. Recruit research participants
5. Collect Data
Week 5
1. Summarise research outcome and write a group report
2. Project tutor feedback
Week 3
1. Initial result update
2. Research paper structure brief
3. Critical thinking
Week 6
1. Research project team completion ceremony
2. Experience sharing and group photography
3. Student interview and feedback

Special offer exclusively for you as research project participants!

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I am very happy to be involved in this project. Although I did not work on the same subject as my major, I learned more about the commonalities between the methodologies of various social disciplines, and at the same time, I acquired essential skill and knowledge for a research method like questionnaire which I have not been familiar with before. The most important thing is to meet great friends with similar moods! Even if the project is over, I will definitely keep in touch with everyone.



We look forward to working with you!

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